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Hello everyone I am new to the printing world and came across this forum and figured it would be worth signing up for help and some tips! my company is just starting to get in vehicle graphics and wraps and wondering what you guys might recommend for setup, I am looking at 2 printers currently the Epson S80600 and the Rolland trueVIS VG2 any pros and cons I should be aware of? also I am going to get a PC designated to ONYX trying to find the "sweet spot" for specs i7, i9, ryzen 7, ram. all the fun stuff! any recommendations or input is greatly appreciated.


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Out of the two machine I would recommend the Epson but also look into if you have a Mimaki or Mutoh dealer near you too. You might find a better deal. But people love the Epsons.

As far as the computer goes, processor cores don't matter as much as clock speed if you are only running one printer. If you are planning on running multiple printers from one computer, more cores can help RIP multiple files at once. Other than that, an SSD and at least 8GB of RAM but preferably 16. The more the better for bigger files.