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Newbie from South Florida


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Hi everyone,

I am located in Miami Florida; I just started cutting vinyl using Flexi Letter, I feel more comfortable using Illustrator, PhotoShop, and just export into Flexi to resize and cut. I stumbled onto this forum looking for help in vinyl cutting, found your User Group, and enjoyed reading your experiences, tips & hints and suggestions very helpful. I am using a Summa D60 and would like to know what plug-in would be good to use with Illustrator to set up and send cut jobs to cutter?

Thanks…. Gavinfla :unclesam:


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I do the same thing with Corel and Flexi . There is a seminar sponsered by Florida Graphic Supply October 3rd & 4th at the Hilton in Deerfield for Fleix and Vehicle Wraps.
Lots of invaluable info here. Helps a lot

Fred Weiss

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Hi Gavin and welcome to Signs 101.

One of the most popular plugins for what you want to do is CoCut and CoCut Pro. You can read about them HERE.


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Welcome from South of Atlanta,Ga. :Welcome: :cool:
Have been using Flexi for 8 years stick with it.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained :thumb:
It's Great for cutting vinyl.


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Hey Ground Chuck

Yes it is kool to hear from someone in your area, thanks for the welcome, west hialeah here.
gROUND cHUCK said:
What's up Gavin, :biggrin:
It's cool to see someone else in here from Miami, FL.
I'm in the Kendall area. Which area are you in?