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newbie here, problem with outline corel draw 12


New Member
Hi, how would I go about outlining text and then separating outline so it can be cut.
Also would anybody know any books, links, or cd which would help me learn corel draw 12.


New Member
Your "outline"....

is called a "contour"......select contour from the effects dropdown....a dialog flout will open specifying how much countour you want.....then fron the "arrange" dropdown..."break apart"....this will give you a separate object.
Also, if you add an outline...."create outline to object" will get you a similar result. You'll have to go to wireframe and delete the inline.


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I have taken this mans class (acually twice) and have seen the video. He knows Corel Draw. This video is probably for version 11 (mabee 12 dont remember) unless he has updated, but I am sure you would learn plenty. If I remember correctly you watch a section (on your computer), pause then reinact what you just learned then continue.