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Newbie Here to Signs 101


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Hello Everyone...

Just wanted to introduce myself to you guys & gals and say "HI".....
and also tell you a little about myself as well....i have been employed by a worldwide sign franchise called Sign-A-Rama in Northern NJ for the last 13 years or so....i do all their design, full digital design & output, vehicle installs, partial or full vehicle wraps, in house production when need be, and anything else that a vinyl shop does...

I have also owned & operated "Von's Graphix & Designs" since 1985 as a sophomore in high school....i started paintng and airbrushing denim jackets for friends with bands like with Iron Maiden, Metallica, RUSH, Bon Jovi, the usual high school stuff and went on to larger stuff from there on...now i do a lot of work on street rods, harleys, commercial vehicles, boats, semi's, and custom signs....we also specialize in logo concept & design, gold leaf lettering, custom graphics, flames, air-brushing, full custom paint jobs as well...
oh well...enough about myself, im glad to have found a place like this where i can embrace others like myself and share in the wealth of knowledge that so many of you can offer....i know there are so many of you out there that have much more experience than i do, and with that i hope to also contribute to others that have much less experience than you or i do....i had to start somewhere and i hope to help out and answer any questions you guys might have...So please...ask away
thank you for your time and patience with this long intro.....Sincerely...Chuck @ Von's Graphix & Designs
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Welcome Chuck... but if you want these old eyes to be able to read your posts you have GOT to go to a larger font size...:smile:


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Howdy from Texas chuck:Welcome: 2 :signs101: & your second post was definately easier for us to read thanks :wine-smi:
Welcome Chuck! :Welcome:

I think everybody here always enjoys a new "chew toy" :Big Laugh (Maybe I shouldn't have told you yet.............?)

Anyway - do us all a favor. FORGET that "experience" stuff! I CAN guarantee you that you have experience in something, or things, that we don't. Like my cousin used to say: "If its free...it's for me" - so cough up what you know and start posting. Do not worry about what anybody may or may not say.

If you have been "lurking" at all - you will notice one extreme difference, in comparison to other forums. EVERYBODY here is extremely congenial - no rudeness (not usually) whatsoever. It just is not tolerated.


BTW, what's the weather like in Hackensack lately?



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actually i just found this website just yesterday thru a link on someone elses site...sooo glad i did....thank you all for the big welcome too....