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Newbie Here

I would just like to start out and say that this site is awesome! I'm new to the vinyl sign business. I currently have a few clients lined up for some work and I need some help on a few things. I've searched and couldn't really find what I was looking for. I'm trying to come up with a pricing sheet for my work. I live in WV, so I thought maybe someone close to or in the state would be able to help me set a price sheet. Also if there are any tips/tricks that I should know before I get started. My Graphtec cutter will be here via UPS today and I want to get started ASAP. Thanks! :thankyou:

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check out GraphiXtreme profile , Chirs sell a priceing guide, great for starters.
i have been able to create my own with mircrosoft works spreadsheet , breaking it down to Sq ft and Sq in for all types of items , Decals to Banners and Diffent types of vinyls .

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Great to have you! If you are looking for honest opinions and valuable information you came to the right place.


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Welcome Justin try purchasing GraphiXtreme's spreadsheet, or there is another one called Estimate software. Basically figure out your cost and mark it up. Generally for cal films charge around $5 sqf and for Cast films charge $8 sqf. Banners are anywhere from $3 to $12 sqf. Or even try calling around to some locals such as Fastsigns etc. and get a quote from them. This way you will deffinitly know if you are in the ball park or not. - Good luck.
Thanks everyone. I am running Mac OSX Tiger and a Graphtec CE3000-60 Mk2 24" cutter. I'm cutting from Illustrator CS and it seems to be working great. Glad to be on the forum and I can tell I'm going to learn alot. Thanks again.