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Newbie says hello

Ed Holland

New Member
Hi all,

Just want to say hello to the boardmembers. Me and a friend just bought a Bobcat plotter to do stickers for our track cars and make some money on the side. This board is great ! i had a lot of questions when i first went to look for a plotter. Just by using the search button this forum answered all of my questions. Sorry for my spelling :)



Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
Hi Ed... I have some old friends in Holland I spent a winter with in the Canary Islands years ago. Would ya mind, if I find their address & send it to ya, contacting them to give 'em my email address?

Over the years, I've tried writing to 'em at the address, but it's incomplete somehow and comes back. Can't get a phone listing for them either. They live on an island off the coast of Holland - rather remote I gather.

And WELCOME to these boards by the way!