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Just a little background info. I got my first sign job with a Signs Now in Atlanta in the early 90's after graduating from the Art Institute. I spent the next three years jumping from shop to shop and ended up in Orlando where I went to work for an in-house graphics department in the Tradeshow industry.

Three or four jobs and 10 years later I have come full circle and working for a small independant shop in a small town 30 miles south of Atlanta. I have worked as a graphic designer, exhibit designer, sign maker and just about everything in between in those 10 years.

I am happy to be away from the corporate world and back in a small local shop.



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:Welcome: from Florida!!!

I'll send your regards when I drive by the "House of the Mouse" tomorrow morning!!! :glasses:


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Welcome scott what AID & what degree My so is grad of AID dallas in 3d modeling Welcome to rhe boardfrom Texas