Newby to Flexi...Setting CMYK as Default in Vector Images


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I'm testing the waters with Flexi Starter (see upgrades in near future). I had a file that was Flexi format (RGB) I wanted to supply to my friend who burns screens for me for screen printing. The T's I do are very simply designed and up to 4 color so he requested that I change my colors to 100 % C,Y,M or K to simplify things on his end. Being unfamiliar with where to find this in Flexi, I just exported to AI and attempted to do it there. I never could get it to go to 100%. It would accept the change but when I'd move to the next vector of a different color, change it, and go back to the first color (to check before saving), the values were no longer 100% (very close...but would have 1-3% of other mixes and only ~96% of the intended value). My bud (who's shop is primarily offset printing) thought I was doing something wrong in AI tried to make it work as well but had the same outcome. He ended up having to go with a Pantone value to achieve his preference. He thinks it's some glitch from the orignal file being Flexi RGB to begin with ????
I gues this is a 2 part question....
1) Anybody know why this was happening in AI (CS)
2) How do I set Flexi to default to CMYK for vector files and or change the file to CMYK before exporting?

Mike Paul

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Import a cmyk swatch table and apply the colors or
change your color mixer from rgb to cmyk and apply the color.