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Newby with a first question


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I have an embroidery business and occ. get a request to see if I can make signs. I really don't have the inclination, the time or the money to go big time with this, but I saw an ad for an old fashioned sign making machine, not computerized, that drew my attention. I talked to the owner and she said there is no brand name on it. It was called a thermal vacuum forming unit. She bought it in app. 2001 and shortly after that the guy that sold it to her new went out of business. She has templates for lettering and clipart, and beyond that I don't really understand what she was telling me. Before I drive 3 hr. to go look at it, I was wondering if I could get any feedback from anyone that might recognize this description? I didn't find anything to match it on google, but would like some opinions from someone in the know. Thanks so much for any help.

And Sew On


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A thermal vacuum forming unit....

is used to create pan-formed embossed faces.
I die is made and acrylic is heated and vaacumed over the die to create a 3D
look to the face.
We are a multi-million # company and we don't even have one.
So I wouldn't think it would be too practical for you to set up next to your Singer.

James Chrimes

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If youy are going to make these type of signs they better sell you a crane truck, bucket truck and an electricians liscense also. Not a beginners set up.

Fred Weiss

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It was a thermal vacuum forming machine that got me into the sign biz back in 1971. We used it to make formed faces and then glued magnetic tape to the backs. The formed letters get brayer coated with screen ink on the tops.

I would be amazed if you would find this to be an acceptable option in today's markets. It's very limited, inefficient and fairly smelly.


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I have a vacuum forming machine with lots of decorative molds and letters to go with. Its in storage - worked fine the last time I used it. Bought from a guy that went out of business soon after too????? If someone wants to buy it make an offer. You can email me at signdesign71@hotmail.com When I get a chance I was going to take some pictures and put it on ebay.
Thanks Karen

Si Allen

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hahahahahahaaa...Fred I remeber those machines!

Friend had one....about as useless as tits on a bull!

Thet were the grand daddy of magnetic signs. Great for repeat customers (would blow off a door at around 40 mph!)