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Nice place to visit


New Member
I'm new here too and just found this site. Very nice and great community to find out new information. Not enough time in the day to peruse all the forums - maybe by December when biz is slow.


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man, this place is LOADED!!! and i must say, im a newbie, and the people here are very nice and super knowledgeable and willing to help!
big KUDOS TO SIGNS101!!!!


New Member
I am new here as well and have had Many questions answered. This place is wonderful and everyone is so very generouse in sharing their Knowledge which is very refreshing.
Have run into people who feel they had to learn it on their own or paid for the knowledge or concider it "Job Security" but thats not the case here! You get answers by the end of a day if not sooner.
Wish I could help other members as much as I've been helped.
Thank You for such a cool forum!
Everyone have a Safe weekend!


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There is SOOOOOO much to read here. I stay on top of the vinyl stuff quite a bit but I still have a lot to read myself and I've been around a while , , , take your time, settle in.