Need Help no ink flow after replacing dampers - roland vs540i


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We managed to replace the dampers and cap top.
Problem now is that the ink is, for some reason, not flowing anymore.
- powerful cleaning, no ink flow
- choke cl, no ink flow
- fill ink, no ink flow
what could be the cause of this?
Can someone help me out?

Jim Hill

Harbor Freight also sells a brake bleeding tool that I have used when I got impatient with the tapered syringe.
I think it costs around $18.00 dollars but this will pull the ink through the lines but go easy when using it because it can also cause the dampers to suck the sides right in.



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Is the ink supply tube empty? If so...use a syringe to draw the ink through to the damper
Hi, thx. there as a bit air in it. Removed it with a syring. Dampers are full too now.
Unfortunately still the same issue. No ink is flowing.
Any ideas?


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Pump at this point is the only other thing I can come up with. Heavy cleaning didn't produce any results? What about capping the printheads and drawing with the syringe thru the capping station tube. That usually gets ink out through the printhead itself.