No Script..Caution!


I run 'no script' blocker and noticed if you don't allow yahooapis in the script bar AND refresh the page after that your post will show a 'thumbs down' icon whether you want it or not.:banghead: I haven't been able to edit the icon to remove it after the fact.

Hope this saves someone else from minor embarrassment in the future.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Perhaps you can exempt Signs 101 in your preferences. Not sure why you would want to block scripts as a general setting. I can tell you that the publisher of our forum software highly recommends the Yahooapis as they make many things run faster and better.


I toggled around and found the 'make permissions permanent' button. Had no idea it was there.

Thanks Fred.

I usually let the blocker catch every thing at first since this is my primary computer here and don't want it bogged down w/adware and other data mining crapola.