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Got a call from a customer about a tanker we lettered 5 years ago. It's a solid aluminum body and used for recycling plastic. We lettered using all 3M top die-cutting vinyl and now they want it removed. Sure, no problem. Then he says, we took a few little pieces off and it really really shows. I told him that's shadowing and can't be helped. He asked if an acid wash would work ?? I said I really don't know, but I'll find out.

So, any ideas ??

:thankyou: Gino​


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I think acid wash would help - not sure it would remove all of the shadows - depends on how much the exposed shell has weathered.
Around here the tankers are parked down at the port/fuel yards - they are within spitting distance of the ocean. Lots of corrosion. The maintenance guys use the wash to brighten up the exposed aluminum all the time, and we ask them to use it before wrapping/re-wrapping the tubes.
When I worked for a concrete company the transfer trailers were all aluminum that had to be polished and sealed to get rid of the shadowing. I would recommend the customer goes to a big rig polisher/detailer. They have everything to make it look like they were never there


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The acid makes it look clean but not shiny, almost white. Truck washes use it on wheels of the truckers that are too lazy to keep them polished.