Nothing but numbers....?

I normally use cutting master from Illustrator but that computer DIED this morning so I am scrambling to try to send a job from another computer that has to get done today.

I have the art in Flexi...
Then send it to cut...
Then it opens in Production Manager...
Then it sends to my Graphtec...
Then the pen goes nuts cutting numbers, digits, etc... in a long line along the punch marks.

What is happening!!!


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What language is the plotter set for. If my memory is correct cut master requires Graphtec language (GPGL) and Flexi requires HPGL.


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I don't know if it's the language that is a problem - cause your plotter is cutting actual digits. I'd look at baud rate and transfer and packet sizes. They need to match your plotters requirements. My guess is it's trying to send too much data at once and overloading the plotter. ?? Maybe. :|



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It's HPGL vs. GPGL. Set the right one for your circumstances and this should go away.

It's been a few years but what happens is that the serial command stream, which is all in ASCII, somewhere contains a label instruction, LB in HPGL if memory serves, bog knows what in GPGL, and from that point all of the ASCII is interpreted as label characters until a label terminator, usually EOL, EOT, or something like that, is encountered.

Hence the seemingly endless stream of characters being plotted.