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Nova Scotia Newb


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Hello from Nova Scotia! My wife and I got started in the biz four years ago doing sublimation, branched out into screen printing and archival inkjet printing, and finally made the leap to vinyl signs. We're using a cheapy Ebay special to do our vinyl now, but the plan is to get a Summa with Opus down the road, and relegate the cheapy to back up status.
It was a sublimation product called Sublidecal that we were using on magnetic car signs that utilizes full photographic display that convinced us to do vinyl because of the less expensive cost to do text.
We're also using the cutter to do short run dark tees and hats. None of the other methods give the same quality for price that the Pressmark material for the cutter gives us.
Love this forum!!!! I read it every day.

Rick and Karen