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Now I'm the New Guy

John Yucca

New Member
I've been cutting signs and decals for a few years now but only as a hobby, mostly for myself and mostly just for fun. I've gotten paid a couple times but don't actively try to get paying jobs.

I started with a Roland PC-60 that I used at work in a corrosion control facility for Marine Corps Aircraft. I got pretty good at it and lots of people wanted lots of favors. I got conflicted using a government sign machine for favors and some people suggested paying. That was plain wrong so I bought myself a little Roland Stika SX-12 and could do most everything and didn't mind charging people for my vinyl and a little lunch money.

I haven't done much for a couple years and now I just bought a Roland GX-24. I use CorelDraw 10 with CoCut Pro, and Illustrator 9 under windows and just bought Illustrator CS2 for my mac to my chagrin Roland doesn't yet have a CutStudio plugin and there isn't a driver for mac to do direct output.

I have to work on a Win XP machine which annoys me to no end but it seems the vinyl world is wrapped around Windows. No problem.

I've got a huge interest in a stand alone sign program which is how I found this joint. I've been playing with Signgo and I tried a demo version of VinylMaster Pro which I did not like at all.

Well, as you can see I talk too much. Hope to share and contribute around here.



New Member

If you are wanting to get some sign software, you probably noticed the nice buy in too get with the big boys (Flexi, SignLab). Have you looked at Inspire XP Pro? Here is a link to their site. Its the old version of Inspire that Scanvec used to sell, it doesn't have the cutting edges options that Flexi has, but I think its better than VMP.