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Rick Tennyson

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We are installing plexi face on a DF pole sign that has very odd trim, lots of in/out rounded corners. We will trim the face to the sign on location but the trim is completely missing. The location is a days drive so going to get a pattern of the sign cabinet is out. Do you all know of an aluminum trim that could be formed on site that can be rounded, approximately 3”x3”?
Yes I can hand cut and rivet if needed, but trying to find something that is pre-made that is bendable and will work. Any ideas?
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What kind of sign is it? 'Cause I thought you were talking channel letters until you got to the aluminum trim part.

Rick Tennyson

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I’m sorry, it’s a double face pole sign. Similar to picture.


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Rocco G

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Admiral-wholesale.com has a few soft aluminum trims for signs. They have five on their site though I don't know if these will exactly fit your needs. I don't think the largest has more than a 1" retainer depth. I haven't used it in years, but we just put up an 18' Nike logo for another sign company. The retainer was made with this material and it was pretty strong - though I wish they had used a larger size.

If I had the sign in my shop I'd do something similar to what you mentioned, but instead of rivets, I'd use a Lord's style adhesive or even weld it. If you have access to a notching machine you could make lengths of aluminum, notch it, bend it at 90 degrees and form it around the curves, just like we used to make script channel letters back in the dark ages. Then cut out your face pieces and rivet/glue it. However that might be a whole days work, not counting travel if you need moldings that are 3" x 3".

Good luck with it.


The flexible F trim might work, but it's a nightmare to get looking good. Something like this I'd insist on a survey for the trim, and I'd probably be priced out when it comes down to it. If you do go with the soft aluminum, I'd recommend a plywood blade on a skilsaw instead of a sawzall. It will keep the inside of the trim from getting mashed shut or deformed.

Rick Tennyson

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Thank you for the reply. Yes we are a full service sign company that has planned on notching it out and then use rivets so we can
fudge here and there to make it look right. It will all be painted matt black in/out just incase the fit is off a little.
I don’t want to do this for time’s sake, thus using something pre-made that can be formed for such is a much better option if we can work