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Ohio signmakers?


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Born and raised in Columbus, Now reside 80 miles to the south in tiny Jackson, Ohio.

Go Bucks! (Even though we can't seem to beat the Gators)


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Findlay, OH here - home of (guhhh) the golden child Ben Roethlisberger

Unlike everyone else in this town, I believe I had nothing to do with how good he is (if you'd even consider him good)

Go Bears - Pittsburgh bl0w$!


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Columbus, Ohio…. I spent a week there one night.

Two years later, we went back and repeated the same event.

What we do for wives.

It makes you wanna drink….:beer :beer but then, most anything does that…:thumb:


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South of Findlay here. Seems I spend a lot of time there(family). Old Paint - I think I have heard the name Merle Strope mentioned before when I have been in town. Just goes to show you the need to be careful. It always gets back to someone you know.



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merle is probably 65-66.....his parents and family sorta adopted me.....when i was 12-13. tom, his younger brother is how i became part of the family.