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Okay - U Asked 4 It! New Assignment.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The assignment is to design and quote installed vehicle graphics on both sides and the rear of the cube van pictures attached.

For those who like to work at full scale, the sides of the van measure 149" horizontally between the aluminum vertical edges. The rear measures 67.5" horizontally from frame to frame. The sides of the van are made of fiberglass and are rivet free except as shown. The rear door is painted wood and has rivets.

The customer is a psychiatrist who is starting a new business he hopes to franchise. His budget is fairly liberal since this will be the prototype and he wants it to look good and attract business. He has stated that he has no preferences as to design, colors etc. and would like to have a catchy slogan and, perhaps a logo or graphic. In general he is relying on your professional expertise and you have complete freedom to design the concept as you see fit.

The doctor's name is Seymour Dreems. He has a medical degree in psychiatry and has authored a best selling book titled Achieving Success, Finding Inner Tranquility and Losing Weight Through Constructive Dream Creation. The name of the business is Dreem Time Mobile Psychiatry.

The scope of the business to be franchised is mobile psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Dr. Dreems has offered slogan suggestions like:

Have Couch - Will Travel and Psychiatric Help - We Come to You

as possibilities, but is quite open to new ideas.

Designs are to be posted back to this thread no later than Wednesday December 15th, 2004 along with the price for which you would actually do the job. All designs must be produceable. Beginning Thursday, December 16th a poll will be posted and all registered members may vote for their favorite design. Voting will close at midnight Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, December 30th, 2004.

The winning design will receive their choice of:

Plotter Art™ Originals (Vinyl-ready black and white clipart)
Plotter Art™ Print and Cut Color Collection (Subject to official release sometime in the first quarter of 2005)

In case of a tie, the lowest bidder wins.


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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I agree TG .... and do hope you'll find time to post an entry. BTW, for the incredibly productive and prolific among you, you may enter as many designs as you like. Of course, that could serve to fractionalize the voting but there is no rule against it.

I would appreciate it if I could get some responses from those members who think they'll be posting an entry. Commitment is good for the soul.


Dave Drane

New Member
Sorry Fred, but I'll have to pass on this one. Not only am I flat strap, but by 20th Dec., I shall be in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
I'm hoping to, if like TG I can get my work done. I printed it out and hung it on my fridge to think about while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner and my Aunt noticed it and everyone wanted to know about it. They all thought it was pretty cool.


New Member
I just think in case of a tie, there should be a new poll with Fred casting the tie breaker. If not, I'll do the job for a buck just to win the goods Fred. Hehe


New Member
I hope to give it a try, plus it's a good learning experience.

Fred, you should give it a try also.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
George - No it's my assignment and my prize offering .... I'll just be happy if enough people participate. It's inappropriate for me to enter.

Jim - you're the one that got me started on this. I expect an awesome entry from you .... and fairly priced.


New Member
First in?

Here we go,

Design - $275
In-Shop Production Time - $120
Prep/Install - $120
Material/supplies - $160
Office/Equipment - $75
TOTAL $750
Average $/Sq. Ft. = $15

Material is Avery A8 Light Blue and Sapphire Blue


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Dave Drane

New Member
Sorry to hear that Dave. Stop by if you're in my neck of the woods.
Don't feel sorry for me Fred, i can't wait to go. Unfortunately I won't be in your neck of the woods. We arrive at O'Hare on Dec. 21st. and go St. Louis, Nashville, Lynchburg, Memphis, Tupelo, Hattiesburg, New Orleans, Jasper Tx., Waco, Lubbock, Roswell NM, Las Vegas and have to be in san Francisco by Jan. 13th. to fly back out.
As you can see it is sure gonna be a fly'n visit.
Nice design jimdes but if i were you I'd check your material...
Material is Avery A8 Light Blue and Sapphire Blue
There is a post here somewhere about it.


New Member
I've heard all the problems with shrinkage and fading and the such but there really aren't a lot of materials out there that don't have one problem or another. I started using Gregory in the early ninties then switched to Oracal, Spar-cal and Neschen. When I went into business for myself, I started with Oracal and then switched to Avery. I've tried LG Chem, Avery EZ and a bunch of specialty materials lately. All have their quirks, special application rules or enviornmental issues. All change with time.

Recently I tried oracal 851 and have been extremely impressed with the change in the feel of the material and the adheasive quality. I'll most likely be using Oracal in the new shop when June rolls around.

As for this project, Avery A8 on fiberglass should be just fine. Shrinkage WILL happen, I'll clean off the adheasive halo from the shrinkage if the customer wants in a couple years but there shouldn't be any cracking and the fading shouldn't show enough to be noticable in a year.

The most important aspect of this job is the panel prep as silicone is probably used as a release agent during the manufacturing process of the panels. Warm/hot soap and water should do the job and I'd follow that up with a wipe of xylene and then Rapid Prep 2.

In my climate, I would also want to use a heated garage.

Dave Drane

New Member
I work in a hot humid environment with possibly the worst UV in the world, and the best vinyl seems to be Arlon (Calon) which also seems to be bigger in Australia than the states.


New Member
Here's my first try. $800.00 to do the job. 3M's 220 black and dark burgundy vinyl.



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David Snider

New Member
Dreem Time

Design,Cut,Prep, and Install. $1115.00 A6 computer cut on Mimaki cg100 and oracal digital print on Mimaki jv3


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