Old 3.5" 720kb drive


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I have aquired an old melco embroidery machine which has an Old 3.5" 720kb drive so it can read designs.
I have software to create these designs and I am waiting for some old double sided double denstiy disks to use on it.
But will the old disks read and write on my 1.44kb floppy drive?
Or will I have to go in search of an old floppy drive?



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They will work fine. You do NOT want to format them in the newer drive, they will not read in the machine.

When we got our Tajima, we just got a case of preformatted 720k discs and all of the modern computers read and write them just fine.

Also, there are USB adapters available that basically replace and emulate the FD in the embroidery machines, this is my plan when I can no longer get the DD discs.


Keith Rae

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This takes me back to the days of Dos. You should be able to use high density 1.4 floppy disks if you put tape over the hole in the side of the disk and reformat them as DD. Get an old copy of dos and make yourself a bootdisk with format.exe to format the disks with. You should be able to run dos and create the formatted DD disks on any computer. If you want any help let me know? Need any disks? I have 1000's of them, some 5 1/4 also. But be careful of data stored on floppy disks, they were built with a service life of 5 years so older disks fail more often.