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Old Gerber Edge - Power supply problem?

RJ California

New Member
I have an old Gerber Edge. I think it's over 11 years old now (that's 197 in tech years!). It's been a real work horse without much problems.

A few weeks ago it blew one of the the capaciters. Gerber no longer stocks them for this old machine but they had a few used ones from another machine and they were nice enough to send them to me.

Both of them blew as soon as I turned the machine back on. Gereber thinks I may need a new power supply (which they do stock).

Question: Is it possible to take my Gereber to a local electric shop and have them repair it - or is it neccessary to do everything through Gerber?

I have switched over to mostly large format printing but I still like the Gerber for certain projects. I just don't want to spend $1,000's on repairs.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The cost of these repairs is much lower than that through Gerber. I recently had a power problem which was either the power supply board or the driver board. My distributor arranged for both boards to be shipped to me and, with my distributor on the phone with me, it took less than an hour to have my machine up and running. My total cost was $175 plus the shipping. I returned the unneeded part for full credit and the bad part for repair and restocking by Gerber.

Seemed very reasonable to me.

BTW, my Edge was purchased in 1998.


New Member
Jim sounds like a handy guy to have access to, but I agree with Fred, you won't need him this time. I put in a power supply with gerber on the phone. It was easier then changing a bicycle tire.