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M D Gourley

New Member
Hello everyone,
Just had my first post awhile ago and thought I would say hello to the 'Signs 101' community and probably get lost in the shear amount of information this site contains...lol.
Have been a Signwriter all my life as this is the only job I have ever had straight out of high school...40 years ago...lol
Served my Apprenticeship at a well established Signage Firm, received 'Apprentice of the Year' for top marks during my apprenticeship and continued to work at this firm Brush signwriting everything for 20 years until the technological age was upon us with the first Digital printers coming out....holy cow, I thought, this is what we have to get, telling my then old generation Boss...'No', he said...'It won't catch on'...LOL...anyway my then old gen boss saw the writing on the wall, so to speak and decided to sell up.
I thought it was time to go it alone and start up my own business, 20 years have now passed with all the modern technology, which, for me personally has revolutionized the Signage Industry being able to wrap vehicles with Photographic Imagery, producing multiple Posters and Banners quickly instead of having to use brush and paint...just to name a few things....although I still get the odd Traditional Brush and Paint job.
I have a Roland VP 540 Printer / Cutter which is awesome, a 1400mm Cold Roll Laminator, Roland Camm 1 600mm Plotter and use Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop, Signblazer mostly to create my signage and after 20 years I am still a 'One Man Band'...and like it that way.

Thanks for stopping by.
M D Gourley


New Member
Welcome. I too straddled the divide between tech and traditional. Much of my work will still reflect my knowledge and experience in both. I too am a one man shop and tech has allowed that to be so. Glad to hear there is another one out there like myself. Cheers!