Omega and Windows clipboard stopped working together


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After allowing windows to install a Office Live update the windows clipboard is malfunctioning with Omega 3.0. Copy prompts me to Save As, paste brings up Import prompt, and all output functions bring up an error message (I guess Composer outputs to GSPlot through the clipboard). I have tried rolling back the windows update, installing the SP1 update to Omega to overwrite composer, and running the windows system file check (sfc), all to no avail. All other software (Adobe CS2, MS office) using the clipboard seem to not be affected. I can still use plotters/printers by opening files directly in GSplot but it would be nice to get back to normal. Suggestions?


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Exactly the same problem has just started on a Windows PC that we've been using for a couple of years. Anyone found a solution?

Tony Teveris

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If you can provide what the error message is or better yet screen grabs of any messages during the paste or copy processes.