omega question...please help


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Hello everyone. I recently had to start a new user account for my icons to work properly with omega and corel. Its all good now but when i send something to cut. That i exported from corel x5 as eps. Its showing up as if it was a print job 2 pics are attached any advice.


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when you import eps, it asks if you want it to assign print colors or just vinyl only (at least on my dinosaur v.1.56


Do you have any color fills or strokes assigned? When I export from Corel as an eps that I am going to cut in omega, I have only a stroke in Corel so I can see it. Once I am in Omega, I take the stroke off and it cuts just fine.


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O yeaaa. I forgot. The vinyl only part. Thanks sir i totally forgot. You guys rock. And also i take strokes off and just manually put outlines in omega. And when copying and pasting to corel i leave off the outlines and put the strokes on in corel.


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So I'm deleting my old account now. Saved all my files on my external drive. And will copy all my files back to the new account. Sounds like an easy fix huh. Starting a new account and deleting the corrupted one... will that bit my *** in the long run?