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Omega "to back" - "to front" etc.


New Member
This one is for the Omega users...

I'm having a heck of a time with the Omega "to front" - "to back" commands.

Say I have two overlapping squares, when I highlight one of them and hit the to back command (or whichever layer is appropriate) I get a screen flicker but no change in their position. This also happens if I hit the "back one layer" or "ahead one layer" buttons.

I've read the pertinent sections of the user's manual but all I can find is a description of what the buttons are supposed to do.

I know I'm missing a step here somewhere...could anyone help me out?


New Member
Kell, I use Omega composer as well. I use the keyboard shortcut "ctrl + Page Up" (or Page Down) as required. It works fine for me. Can't suggest anything else. I never use back 1 or front 1.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Are you setting up just vinyl or Edge prints? If you are just in Vinyl Only view then they don't work and you must change your layer order in the 1234 dialogue. Try switching your view to Print order - Output and try it again.


New Member
Quicksignguy, thanks for the response, I appreciate your willingness to help with this.

Fred, I changed the print order in in View and it works like a charm...thanks a million!