One Shot Question, rolling, coating MDO, dust in finish


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I've coated many boards back in the day but it has been awhile. Anyway it appears there are dust specs in my finished boards.
I always keep my work area clean and use a tack cloth prior to painting.

I picked up some screens and ran the one shot thru some paper screen cones. I thin the paint just a touch with thinner and coat my board.
I then pallet my roller on some cardboard to remove the excess paint and knock down the bubbles on the wet paint.

I still have these fine dust looking specs in the paint. I can't figure this out. The screen are a medium mesh, maybe I need a fine mesh?

I appreciate any suggestions.


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Yes Sir.
Ya know this is making me crazy. I do sanding and routing in this room and even tho I am very clean I may need to try and paint in another room.


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I take application tape and put around foam roller before I paint, takes off anything on the roller itself. Hard to get speck free in my opinion unless controlled environment.


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Perhaps your foam roller is leaving bubbles behind and you're not knocking them out. also, too much h paint with a farm roller can also add extra bubbles. Last, I don't know of any background paint that needs any thinning down ?? That seems like a very unnessacary step.


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Unless you are painting in an absolute dust free environment with an active air filtration system like a spray booth, you will always get microscopic particles in the finish. particles in the air will always be attracted to anything wet. Learn to live with it or get a booth. After all, " I.J.A.F.S."! ( ;-P)


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My question is why are you using one shot still? Maybe switch to latex?

Using foam rollers and backrolling should alleviate all bubbles and imperfections, well that was back in the day one shot. The only thinner I ever used on one shot was urethane thinner. What thinner did you use on it?


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I keep using one shot because that is what I know. It's what I was taught 30 years ago. Latex is not going to offer that high-gloss sheen of an enamel paint.
Maybe I am wrong. Old habits die hard.


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Nothing wrong with One Shot or Bulletin Enamel from Ronan or someone. We only use latex if we want to coat a board without removing old vinyl lettering, and you never get a gloss finish from it. I was always taught to thin the paint to get the right flow and when I coat a panel, I still do it. I use a foam roller and if I want a really good finish will use a brush to smooth out and get better gloss. Dirt doesn't come from the paint unless you put it there, i.e. the manufacturer doesn't put it there. Filtering should only be necessary with paint that's been opened and then saved, and that's mainly to catch bits of skinned paint. It's what happens after you lay the paint down that is the main issue. The dirt and dust is in the air and on the ground. The fact that you sand and rout in the room is the main reason you are having problems.