Operating System Not Configured to Run This Application....


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Came into work this morning and had a windows popped up on the screen saying that the Operating System Is Not Configured to Run This Application. Couldn't get the window to go away, but figured out it was caused by Epson's LFP Accounting program. I had to force quit it. We have been using this program for about a year and now it won't work.

Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have any ideas?
Per chance are you using Office 365? There has been some problems with some of MSs stuff as of late and by extension some of their customers.
LFP doesn't use any part of Office. We have it installed on our RIP workstation that does not have any Office on it. It may need a Visual C++ redistributable however.

Weirdly we were having issues with LFP last week complaining that it couldn't write new data into the database. An update to the latest version fixed the issues though.


it doesn't require office 365, but it does share dll's and other support files
fairly common problem