Opinions on "old ink"

Question for the panel. I just received some ink I purchase from a main (very large supplier). And the manufactures date on the black ink is nearly a year old... My current black cartridge in the printer is newer (purchased from the same supplier) than the cartridge I just received.

I was taught from the persons I bought my printer from that ink over 2 years old or older is no good. I certainly will have this cartridge used up withing the next month or so.. This upsets me and I believe I should be getting fresher produced inks. In most cases the ink I receive has been manufactured within 6 months or newer.


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I agree with you completely. If you supplier is not using FIFO for their inks, then that is a problem. I would address it with them and I am sure they will be happy to make sure that you get fresh ink. Otherwise look somewhere else.


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Call them and tell them to do an inventory of at least their inks...... and if they handle vinyls and any other time sensitive items... to get current. In the meantime, they should send you replacements for anything that old they've sent you recently. No charge of any sorts to you for return or re-sending.