Oracal 651 Question


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I just started using the oracal 651 3 years ago, it on my vehicle, it shows no signs of shrinkage or cracking.....normally you wan to use a high performance vinyl on a vehicle, but i knew i was going to change it every few years. Hope this helps.
from Oracal's website

651 Outdoor Durability
(based on vertical surface exposure) 6 years, 4 years metallic, 3 years brilliant blue

BUT PLEASE don't take that as i am recommending you use it

in my opinion material is (or should be) such a small cost in the work we are doing use the right material for the job premium CAST. why take unnecessary risks. do it right or do it twice...if the client gives you that second chance.


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this is gonna sound bad, but i'll take the backlash (and deserve it)

today i did my first truck job with cut vinyl that was out of my circle of friends and racing people. i just haven't done too many pickup trucks.

i of course ordered oracal 751 for it, cause it was a. not mine and b. a brand new 50k 6 wheel dump truck.

cast is SO much nicer, it's not even close. cut and weeded like butter, shine was awesome and applied perfectly.

and i felt CONFIDENT that it would last longer than needed. cheap insurance.

i did a small window graphic on my truck in shinerite a little over a year ago. way over 1/16th glue ring all around it already. looks like crap.

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Here we only use 651 on race cars, Coroplast, cheap window decals and occasionally on banners(we print most banners). Cast on Everything that needs to last more than a year.


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The reason I asked was that I have a roll of 651 that I will probably never use the rest of (gray). It's going on an oil field truck that they will not keep longer than 5 years. At that point it will be pealed off anyway when they sell it or trade it in.

Pat Whatley

I've got two fleets with vans going back almost 8 years all done in Oracal 651 & 751. The 651 is holding up better than the 751. The only noticable aging on the 651 is a loss to the gloss and the red is fading on the oldest jobs.


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I think for what you are asking for, use-wise, it should be OK.
But I am like the others, only cast on vehicles and "good" signs.
I do use 651 on windows, coro, and banners.
Have had both red and yellow fade after about 18 months.