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Question ordering abroad.... dx4 solvent 162 +25 shipping-pay with paypal?


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I did a google search for dutaprint reviews, back in 2012 they had some bad reviews, so I changed the search to within a year....i wouldnt mess with these guys, I know its tempting but just dont UNLESS someone on here can confirm they are the bomb


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Paypal policy ...will refund money paid for items not recieved or as represented.

This website claims it accepts paypal..... I wonder if paypal is good about this and if they get burnt....how or if they exclude repeat offenders...

Last week besides the low price the indicator given here on this forum regarding scams ......was that if a company that didnt offer paypal.....a bad sign... (no pun intended)

Anyone here ever have experience needing to have paypal protection step in to refund your money? Anyone know if paypal cuts off known fake vendors or have hidden exclusions that make paypal refund claims a false promise or nearly impossible process?

Trying to figure out what is likely happening. I will look up reviews as suggested. I know any price can be listed. I dont know how protective paypal shopping really is.... Maybe they are...and maybe during checkout it runs into a "problem" with your paypal account and asks for different method of payment.....

The enticement is more than half off heads replacements. We know they are ridiculously expensive. If paypal is good and stands behind the purchase,the most you would be out is a couple hundred dollars until it is refunded, and the time waiting for settlement.

In the "seems too good to be true" realm ... Still begs the question.....are we protected by paypal in a hassle free manner or is it true anyone can accept paypal and held accountable....what is the catch? Maybe paypal protects in US only.... We all could benefit from knowing these things..... I haven't had any bad situations and don't think twice about it. Handy as heck to use and it is usually within the US from small business just like me and I am happy to do it....It is good for both parties.
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I saw the indonesia site last week that apparently had some enticing prices. People said that dealing with them would be hard.....would pay but not ever get product and that not accepting paypal pmt for protection was a warning sign.

Well, is this ok - what am I missing.???.. If paypall payment is protected..... What is the catch ?


162+25 for shipping.....is this a scam or what?

No. Not a good idea.


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I get the general not a good idea as a general caution. I just like to understand things. When I can call and get a dx4 price over 800.00 in California, 530.00 out of FL, 520 from China..... I just wonder about 162+25 shipping using paypal......

Even if it isn't heads.... I just wonder if paypal is really as safe and hassle free as they say. I see on another post where a guy didn't accept a printer, had no way to prove it and complicated it by going through ebay too.... So he had to let the intersted parties know what happened to get the refund..... but he did......

I just wonder how protected the purchaser is in these instances. I often see the complaints that the merchant is usually the one that is stuck most of the time leaving it to seem the purchaser is MORE protected than seller. There is a trust that must occur in order to make send payment Before merchandise is received. More trust that it will be sent timely but most of all that it arrives as expected without defect. Since a purchaser makes most of those trust decisions to proceed and fronts the money, I can see why paypal wants to ensure a good experience to purchasers so they will continue to use paypal. Probably the reason merchants think the customer usually has the upper hand. I am about trying to find a fair price and easy transaction to get me going.

So I just wonder, if Paypal is the go between the purchaser and the buyer and the purchaser gains a bad reputation how they might ban sending the money to certain entities to protect having to deal with it or maybe just ignore complaints. It just seems to me that they don't want people starting to fear this way of sending money or losing the trust that a paypal transaction is protected so they would stay on top of it.

I like to learn, and I sure am regarding my printer but I have been having to get parts from all over and I came across this site and I just wonder what is really going on.....and what is specifically happening...... These heads have to be sourced from somewhere before they are marked up to such high and varying prices. For the last few years I have been building a plane from blueprints and some of the parts have come from far from home. I am questioning and trying to learn if Paypal is that protective of purchasers and has the pressure to make the transactions safe for everyone or if it is riskier than I thought.

ALSO, I noticed on the Dutaprint.....Internet connection says NOT secure.....really? for transactions?????

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Sign in China will be your cheapest bet. eBay will be your safest bet. Those heads have been out 20yrs now... your not the first cat on the block to throw that link down like you found something special. It's a scam move on, who cares about paypal's policy and don't believe everything you read on the internet. Paypal will refund you what they are able to recover from that paypal account which by time you track your fake print heads you thought you just scored a deal on they will be attaching a new paypal account to that website for the next idiot to fall for.


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Gotcha, that makes sense...thanks. Nice to know I'm not first...or last wondering. Tks for explaining. Ya, when I get the mainboard network prob fixed, gotta see if heads will clean up better. Right now black head and yellow both spraying outside of paper width full stripes....i did try to clean sockets and install shorter,better fitting new cables. No better.......