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Kentucky Wraps

Kentucky Wraps
Over 3 years and I finally need to replace something. The outside (left) pinch rollers' rubber wheel is wobbly and not snug on the baring. Not quite sure how
to remove those outside pinch rollers and didn't find anything in this site using search nor in the VersaCamm User's Manual, Nor on google or youtube if you get my drift. Any help from someone with experience changing one out would be greatly appreciated.
Edit: Only way I see is unscrewing the top 2 screws but I don't see a way to access them.

Mike Paul

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Pull off the little c clamp on the outside and slide them out.
Make sure you put the new roller in correctly because they are tapered.
Little red or black dot goes to the outside.
You also want to put down something to cover any open areas on the printer so you don't lose anything...


Don't know what size your printer is, but on the sp300v, all you have to do is remove the c-clip from one side of the "axle", remove the axle and the roller will come out. Be careful not to lose the two little washers located between the roller and the housing. they act as spacers and will need put back in when reassembling.

Also, there is a correct way to put the roller back in. It is tapered. You want the high side of the roller to the inside so it pushes the media out. This will help to keep the media laying flat.



If its the same as a xc-540 there will be a little e-clip on the side of the shaft that runs through the roller. Use a small screw driver to remove it but be careful because it will pop off of there at light speed and you'll never find it again unless you have something there to stop it. Then the shaft should slide right out.


Is there a certain side that slides out?? Took me a half hour to get C clip off and now the pin wont slide out!!


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If the pint don't slide out, regularly this is because of one of the washers on the left or right side of the roller is fallen into the c-clips groove. Push it up with something, and the pint will slide.

If you plan to replace the outer pinch roller with one of the intermediate ones: they are different. The intermediate ones are flat, the outer ones are conical. The outer side of the pinch rollers is marked red (to mount it in correct direction).


I don't hate paint, I just overlay it.
1) put a paper (vinyl) under the pinch roller you are working on so you don't lose a c clip or washer. They are tiny!
2) make sure you install the roller correctly. the thicker part goes on the outside ( left most roller is thicker on left. right most roller thicker on the right side)
3) using oil or a dab of grease to hold the washers in place might be a good idea (that's what i did after messing around with the tiny washers that kept falling out.) but roland tect told me that it might cause the rubber to fail again.