Overlap and Cutting Out- Please Help


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I am looking for help on how to overlap an image and cut out the back layer using the lines of the front layer (I hope that is clear) I did some searching and found an older post called overlaps and cutouts. This what I am referring to. I am using Sign Warehouse LXI Master Plus 8.5. I played around with the layering tools, but could not figure it out. I would like to know what tool(s) help me with this.

Please know that I try to solve challenges myself, and do a search on old posts before asking. I am stuck.



Do you mean outlines? We use LignLab, this is done prety simply in there if this is what you are trying.


a clipping path? it kind of sounds like that might be what you are trying to do. go to www.bing.com type in clipping path and then select images. there are some samples of clipping paths there. see if that is what you are trying to do. once we figure out if it is or not, we might be able to help.