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Pad printer needed

Mark H

New Member
I need to replace a Christmas ornament that had my daughter's hand print on it. The dog broke it. I'll supply the ornament and a pdf of the hand print, just need someone to print it. If you can do it please let me know.



New Member
Applicable comments:

-Wow one whole ornament, I don’t own a pad printer but will buy one for this!

-Use adhesive vinyl

-Put ink on her hand and have her hold the new ornament



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i would think you need someone with one of those ink jet printers that "sprays" lettering and barcodes on things like the pvc pipe and fittings you buy at home depot.


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You can pad print Christmas ornaments as we have done a ton in the past. We no longer offer the service but it would be very expensive to do 1 ornament by the time you make the plate get it aligned and mix ink


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Did you just happen to scan her handprint in? How do you even have that? I feel like I need to get my kid's hands scanned now... :D