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Need Help Pausing between Contour and Perf Cut


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About a month ago I decided to upgrade from SP3 to SP5. Had issues and downgraded back to SP4. Prior to the upgrade my plotters would automatically pause and beep to let me change the tool to the perf cut position. I can't seem to find any settings that do that. I can tell it to pause between cuts (photo 1), but I have to manually tell it to Perf Cut; in a window that pops up (photo 2) which basically prevents me from doing anything else in PM until it finishes that job.

The last time I tried PerfCut not paused it changed conditions to perfcut but it didn't pause to let me move the blade from the back to the front slot. I feel like I'm missing something simple. It was almost 2 years ago that I set the last plotter up so I can't remember what I did.


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