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PCut 1200 wrong setings X & Y!?


New Member
Hi, can someone help me with this cutter. I`m going crazy!!
I have one pcut 1200 and it start cutting wrong on x & y !? I know that you have to adjust X & Y but how can I know what is a right number.
10 cm is not 10 it`s somethimes more and it going bigger as it going more.
1meter is about 113 mm. It isnt fix number if you catch me!? It always goes on x little bit and on Y. Rounded rectangle always miss cut! I tryed to find dealer I they only gave me number for "right"set on display. That does not work .
When I set "right" it is worse then. I have one more cutter and this is a big problem now , I cant work on this cutter precise jobs, it always adds few mm on X &Y . Markers doesnt mach when we try to combine several layers.
I dont know how to set right that cutter. Is anybody has some similar problem.
I could try again and measure right missaligment but it takes a lot of time and wasted material, please, can someone help me!? Sorry on my bad english, I speak better than write.
Thanx in advance!


New Member
sorry, If you had a standard cutter and common software i am sure I could point a good way to help.. But I am not sure what the problem is let alone how to help you.. I simply do not know



New Member
still trying

well, I export from corel to PLTDRAW and than cut. On some other tech forum some guy from service told me that a standard setup is X:26170 and for Y:25950. But that only makes worse . Cutter makes biger mistakes in work. Goes even more in x & y. That mistake is not constant , I cant find right ammount of error, if you get me!? If I know 1 cm is 1,2 I could easy calculate error. But when you multiply X and Y error you get something out of range that you set to cut.
I dont know how to calculate or reset numbers to start cut like when it was like before ( new) . Please if somebody have idea , I tryed everything and couldnt manage to make right setup.
Thanx for every advice!