Pdf file sent direct to flexi prints different than 1 that has gone through signlab first


How annoying is this?

I use Signlab as my main setup software as I am pretty fast in it and Flexi is designated strictly for print cut only. I am amazed at how a pdf file will change colours just by simply importing it and then exporting it as an eps file. I don't think it does it all the time but the fact that it does do it makes me very questionable why it does it at all. is there soimewhere in Signlab to control the importing of PDF files?


I tried a test and instead of sending a file out as an eps file I sent it as a pdf file as it was originally and all the colours are perfect...strange indeed.


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When you save a PDF as an EPS you are stripping it of all input color profiles so when your RIP gets a hold of it, it just uses a default. I'm willing to bet that's the issue.


Flexi will import a pdf, and I find it klunky and often full of noise.

I like open a Pdf in Illustrator and if the file is clean I will save it as .AI (important step).
Flexi will import this easily but flexi is going to expose the noise and trash in a file
and a lot of times abed of roses will now be a blob of Black.
Yeah you know the drill, and now you have 2 hours of editing,,,,,,,,,, client aint gonna pay.
(imagine that)

A lot of times, if the file is not over complex, I will now Export/Save as, EPS 3
Legend has it that EPS 1 through all versions of 2 had issues and when resolved EPS 3
became the foundation that all others were built on.

But please keep in mind to Import the Pdf into Adobe Illustrator. and Save is as AI version. I like 6
If the B'ish wont clean up then export the AI file as Eps 3.
I learned this 30 years ago in a design firm that had computer Artist that were Krazzy Good I mean really good too.
The All agreed on this with Eps 3.

Import the EPS into Flexi and clean out the trash, then do a small test print.

EPS 3 unlocks layers nicely and New Versions of Flexi will unlock a locked PDF,,,,,,,,,,,, gotta like that.

AI runs on iMacs
Flexi 21 rips from a pc
HP Latex 560
All Sizing is finalized in Flexi.

Hope this helps.
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