phone call


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I hope those same officials expect to get called when they're up for reelection. I remember seeing quite a few of our local official's signs in places that would be considered illegal.

Craig Sjoquist

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Way good idea I'll send this on to our sign inspectors here in our city seems like a great way to slow down this unwanted signage.

It makes a area look like ghetto, when I ride my bike I kick them out of the ground they are dangerous to fall on also.

Bad thing is when police see me do this they try to arrest me.

Yes politicians are some of the worst offenders, besides there supporters destroying others they will flood some areas even the polling place with these nuisance signs.

Although several sign shops have made a huge income off of them here several have bought printers with profits, sure is tempting to start doing them.


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Sounds like fun. Wonder how long it will take before the signs will have the court house numbers on them?