Photo Tex Profiles

We have just posted many new ICC profiles for those using our Photo Tex material. Please visit and link to the Profiles Page. Also we are always happy to send anyone from Signs 101 a Free Sample Roll to test. Just e-mail me Ask about our New Latex/UV/Water Base Block Out Photo Tex -OPA opaque! Solvent block-out version coming later this year. Walter Gierlach Jr., President


I noticed that you have some HP latex printers such as the HP L25500 listed as a solvent printer on your website. Also, if you can create a profile for the HP L25500 and the HP L26500 using Flexi Print RIP, I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it. Thanks!



I didn't see one for my particular printer, Roland’s SOLJET PRO II SC-540.

Will one of the other newer profiles work with my older machine?