photoshop font outline help?


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When using Corel Draw and you want to outline text you use the outline pen tool and choose how big you want the outline. When using Adobe Illustrator you use the storke, you can make the stroke the size and color you want.

But, what about Photoshop? I am having to re work a banner that was created using multiple layers that a customer brought in ans I added some text, wanted to outline the text and could not find out how to do this? Am I missing somethong staring me in the face? How do you give text an outline in Photoshop?

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If you want an outline on text 1. select the layer that contains the text 2. select "LAYER" from the menus 3. Select "LAYER STYLE" 4. Select "STROKE"


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Who uses strokes??? Geez. I'm more of an offset path kind of guy. Especially in illustrator. Makes it much easier when working with a design that has been made already.