PhotoShop pointer issue

Big Rice Field

Electrical/Architectural Sign Designer
In photoshop CS2, how do I set the pointer cursors back to the default setting? right now when a selection box is drawn (marching ants) it shows a linear icon with a plus and minus sign when I use the scale command to try to expand hte selection box. The default was a simple arrow pointer.

Bobby H

I haven't used CS2 since the mid 2000's. In the newer (and current) versions Photoshop brings up a target reticle when the standard rectangular selection tool is selected and used. The scale function brings up a 9 point bounding box and a variety of different pointers or cursors depending upon where the tool is hovering. The caps lock key, shift, etc doesn't seem to affect that behavior. I'd look for items on the Photoshop tool bar or under Preferences.

One thing I found kind of annoying is how the caps lock key can affect the Paint Brush tool cursor. I prefer the round cursor that visually denotes the brush size. If the caps lock key is selected the round brush size cursor disappears. All you see is a target reticle in the center of the cursor. The reticle is good for some purposes.
If Photoshop is behaving oddly or not behaving like it used to, you can try resetting the preferences:
To restore preferences quickly using a keyboard shortcut:
  • Press and hold Alt+Control+Shift (Windows) or Option+Command+Shift (Mac OS) as you start Photoshop. You are prompted to delete the current settings. The new preferences files are created the next time you start Photoshop.
Note: Using the keyboard shortcut, preference files for custom shortcuts, workspaces, and color settings will also be reset to default.