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Photoshop Question


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My girlfriend has to do the yearly Christmas slide show for her company, and was wondering this question and I can't answer it. Is it possible, she wants to have a ballon rise up from the bottom of the screen towards the top, then explode and have confetti fall down to form words. i don't know if it is possible, or maybe there is another software that can do it, Thanks

Fred Weiss

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In Photoshop you would create your images on separate layers. For a simple animation, position the balloon at the bottom starting point and copy the balloon to a new layer and position it at the top of where you want it to rise to. Do the same for stand and end positions for the words and confetti. Save the layered PSD file.

Next switch to Image Ready. There's an icon to do this with near the bottom of the toolbar. Turn on Animation under the Window menu. It should default to a single frame in an animation. Whatever layers you set to display will be visible. Turn on just the bottom balloon. Next create a second frame and turn on just the top balloon. Select both and execute a "tween" command to create an animation of the balloon rising. Follow similar steps for the words and confetti. Play with the time per frame by playing it and adjusting to suit the desired effect. It isn't all that complicated but getting it to work without a timeline will be the trickiest part. You can create animation based on size, position, transparency, color or any other parameter or combination of parameters you have available in Photoshop.

Flash is for making animated movies and is more suitable because it incorporates separate timeline for every object as needed. Flash is a separate application while ImageReady is part of Photoshop. ImageReady doesn't make Flash movies but it does make animated GIF's from your images in Photoshop.

Most of the banner ads you see running here are animated GIF's. The animation named Selected Images I use at Express Clipart and the headline ticker tape are both Flash movies.


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Hey Fred, I told my girlfriend that I was waiting for some on the BIG HITTERS to respond and here you are. I don't know anything about photoshop and I read what you wrote and you lost me, so I will let here read this and maybe she can follow along with what you were talking about, Thanks Guys.


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I personally think it's easier doing all your frames in layers in Illustrator for a flash animation or copy and paste the layers into Photoshop and make an animated gif from that. The animation you are thinking of doing may be a little too much for your first shot but it's easy to adjuust it in illustrator than in Photoshop, you can make elements of it and add to it as you go....

Below is the frames for my kingy animation, it started out just waving, then I added the spinning "K", then the glow, then I made the body sway, and then got the head to bob up and down...it may have taken longer to do, but I wanted a fluid motion.


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