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Photoshop - watermarks


New Member
Is there a way to add your own watermark utilizing Photoshop CS2 without having to subscribe to Digimarc services? Thanks in advance.


New Member
I would create a new layer on top then create Water Mark then change the opacity of the layer to desisted %

I think that should do it for you.


New Member
I make a mark in black on it's own layer and reduce the opacity until it's there but not intrusive - I usually put it below the 'real' layers though


Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Sometimes I'll copy the technique used by a number of stock photo companies and have a repeating pattern of the company name going across the entire image. You can make the pattern very transparant, yet still noticeable. Some firms do a kind of embossed effect or glass like effect. The customer still sees the image just fine. But he can't repurpose it for his own uses at all.