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PictureIt! .mix file


Just Me
PictureIt! is a microsoft program that shipped with scanners a couple years ago. I have a .mix file that I am wondering if anyone can convert for me over to a jpg or tif. Customer's son (who is away at school) scanned it for him, but they can't figure out how to save in another format and I don't have the program to be able to tell them. They are not very computer savvy.
PM me or email me at stacyj AT bigdawgdesign.com and I will send the file if you can help me out.


New Member
From what i could read from forums on your .mix file you can try this program.

Some people have been able to open them in Polyview. Other than that i think you need someone with Office Pro that has Picture it so they could open the file and save it as a .jpeg.

I would also try to tell the customer's son that when he scans an item. Where he has to save the file .. there should be a drop down menu for filetypes and just select .jpeg.


Just Me
I'll download that and see how it works, Baz.
Thanks to Shovelhead for converting for me and thanks to grafixhenk for offering to!