Suggestions Picture's stock and design software


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Hi everyone,
I am trying to figure out what software most of the wallpaper murals printing guys use for design, where you can easily switch the furniture and stuff like that: I see a lot of different sellers use exactly the same wall design pictures, just replace the furniture in front of it. I would think it would be just a simple app with preloaded templates.
Any advise will be highly appreciated.
There's a ton of CAD software out there, from useless junk to AutoCAD, that can do this. Download one of the free interior design programs and it might work for you. Sketchup is also a popular choice. Select your wall, import your image, then place and size accordingly. The image becomes part of the "skin" of the wall. The wall can be manipulated, rotated, assigned different perspective parameters, etc. The image will "distort" as needed to accommodate your presentation intention. Now you can move your virtual furniture around to your (and your client's) satisfaction with little fuss.