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Flash Harry

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Hello everyone, im new to sign101 :signs101: but now hope that I can contribute to the community as well as acquire a little help when needed.

This first post is on the help acquiring side however!

My Fastrack 650 is sick and I need to fix it.

It will stop in the middle of some jobs and flash all the lights. On checking the error code, the light combination is for ‘OVER FORCE MOVING COIL’.

Does anyone know how that error can be fixed? Im happy to pull the machine apart to replace bits but I just need a bit of a steer on where to look.

Many thanks for your help! :thankyou:

Flash Harry

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Just thought id add a reply on this as I fixed the cutter. Might help someone if they run into a similar problem in the future.

The problem was a fracture in the ribbon cable this is inside the cutter head. More specifically the bend to the actuator (part that looks a bit like a motor). Cut this off, scraped some of the coating away, soldered two wires to id and it works great again!



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Hi Flash Harry and welcome it's cold in Northern Ireland at the minute as well. Glad you got the cutter fixed, I have in my garage at home an old Fasttrack 650 which is scrap really the power board at least is blown, anyway I will enventually strip out the motors and boards etc and throw them in a draw, if theres anything you want off it let me know, your welcome to any bits free, all it will cost is the postage and I ain't that bothered about that if its just jiffy bag sized stuff. I hate wasting stuff.


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Thanks for the follow up Harry.
It's nice when someone takes the time to put the solution on the thread.
...oh and Welcome!