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Question PNG/SVG to Vector Website?


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HAs anybody used a vectorize my image website before and if so, how accurate are they?

I usually trace my images in AI, but I am wanting to do a memorial to the Marshall Thundering Herd team that died in a plan crash in 1970. This was their logo at the time and it will just take too much time to trace myself. I will attach it below.

Just wanted to see if anyone has experience with a vector my image website and can confirm or deny they are legit and work well. Really don't want to pay for a membership just for the vectorizer not to work.

website ex. https://www.vectorizer.io/ https://vectormagic.com/

Any input would help!

God Bless,


  • marshall_thundering_herd_logo_helmet_19713878.png
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While I'm certainly no Vector Doctor, I was able to do this in about a minute with illustrators built in Image Trace tool. You unfortunately lose some of the finer detail with the hair.


  • thundering herd.pdf
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open in acrobat
click anywhere white in the image, add watermark (_" set opacity to 0
convert all strokes and text to outlines
click apply to all pages in document
everything flattens
press ok in middle of screen
file, save as
open in illustrator...should all be selectable


Here's what I did with a comb and some elephant seal blood.
Me thinks the vector doc is winning here.


  • tundering herd.pdf
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