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New Product Polar Poly Drytac Product

Hey All,

I have come across this Drytac product that can be installed up to -20 C and I wonder if anyone has had any experience using this product. We tend to slow right down in the winter since we can't do too many window graphics outside in the cold but this vinyl seems to be a game changer. Seems like it would install great in the cold but what happens when summer comes around and gets to +30 C?

Any thoughts?


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Was looking at it as well, doesn't look like it has any effect when it gets hotter according to their specs. Application temp just has to be above -6c (21f). Service temp goes up to 80c. I'm guessing the adhesive will have a high initial tack in warmer temps.

We seem to have been using more Drytac products over the years, so far I haven't had anything that didn't do the job it was intended to.

But I've installed lots of vinyls at around -5 to -10c without issues.

Edit: There's some miscommunication because Drytac is saying -6c but the supplier is saying -20c.
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