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Our graphics shop just so happens to be located inside of a body shop so every once and a while we get to repair broken/damaged graphics on the vehicles that the body shop fixes. Recently we had a police vehicle needing said damaged graphics repaired. So, I went over to the Sheriffs office and asked if they had there logo in a digital format in order for us to fix it. The secretary email us a terrible quality .jpg stating that she has worked there for 6 years and that's what they have been using since she started. Obviously it wasn't though because the vehicle graphics were much much nicer. I'm thinking that the graphics they have on there vehicle were purchased as a kit from a vendor that specializes in this sort of thing but the secretary knew nothing about it. Do any of you know who might of created it or an easy way to recreate it without putting a ton of work into it? (See Attached Pictures Below)

I'm thinking the outer ring/text will be easy to do in photoshop but the inner gold part is rather realistic looking and I'm thinking it's been taken from a photograph. We need the graphic for the whole front fender even the pattern below the shield......I don't have an issue buying the kit if I was doing the whole vehicle but OF COURSE I am not:banghead:


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I would say that the "badge" is a photograph from the looks of the highlighting on the edges of the type. People don't do that in Illustrator (or in PS for that matter)

I don't know of anyone selling kits, but I would think a high res photo of the police badge would be enough to get you going on the recreation.


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If you look closely there is also a very tight nit Dot pattern. Any ideas on how to make this pattern?

The pattern is almost a dot matrix of sorts. I would say a step/repeat in illy or corel will get you that effect. Can't tell from the close up, but it may have some shading to it as well. I've created something very similar to this (carbon fiber look) for a Ferrari once. Basically did the steps I just listed.

Good luck on the redesign :)


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That appears to be from GRAFIXSHOPPE.COM, stock design # ULT-2030 with customer color choices and high definition emblem #HD-01. They are the largest national supplier of law enforcement vehicle graphics. If it is one of theirs, you can get what you need from them and usually get a "to the trade" discount.