Polycarbonite shortage...


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Grimco says they won't have any till the Fall... Just ordered from NGlantz and their stock is very low. What's goin on???

UPDATE: They said it's because the manufactures are focusing on clear acrylic for covid stuff. I duno how this will play out....
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It doesn't surprise me actually. Glantz just emailed about having Clear cast acrylic in stock...no polycarbonate in stock locally.


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Well, what do we do if we need 12' of something?? I see they have clear acrylic but nothing over 10'. Will we just have to stop making those signs till the Fall?


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Ran into this this week. It makes sense for the manufacturers, focus on where the demand is. The only solution I can think of right now is to make the shortage known and make sure the customer is aware that the time to produce may be longer than expected.


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Yup, there was a shortage on clear acrylic when covid started, so manufacturers focused on that, now there is an abundance of clear acrylic on the market, but everything else is gone.

I tried to order some clear P95 acrylic, no one has any, no eta either.


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It's interesting to watch the market. Things you would have never thought of are experiencing shortages for odd reasons. I heard yesterday about aluminum cans and coins as well. 2020 still has plans to poke us a bit more I think.


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Yeah, whodathunk we'd have a toilet paper shortage ?? Talk about essentials. Of course, like some people, they just instal a bidet and get their jollies that way. :rolleyes:


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I have been converting cans over to flex face. I use springs from McMaster Carr and new trim to hide it. I have the trim bent from a metal building supply. Basically its a Lind type setup.

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Just curious if you guys are going to start reclaiming sign faces now. Or have you been doing that?
I walked our warehouse today and it looks like we're down to a partial 8' roll here which will probably be gone before long.