Pounce / Vinyl Cut plotters - Recommendation?


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Looking for a 48" inch plotter mainly for vinyl lettering/stencils, and also creating pounce patterns.

I've gathered a few options through forum searches and online sources, and have seen positive reviews for the following:

Summa S120

Graphtec FC 8600 (with pouncing attachment)


Allen Datagraph

Any advice or recommendations on these or others?



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We have a 30" Gerber. It can pounce and pounce and pounce and never skew, no matter how much back & forth movement you have. Longest we created was about 10' × 80' That was done in 3 passes and taped it together.

Don't know the range of any of those others.

Jean Shimp

I use a 30" Graphtec for patterns. I can't trust it for anything longer than 6' at a time because it goes off track. Partially it is the fault of the roll of paper, since it often has creases that throws things off. I'm not crazy about the constant pounding of the pounce pin on the machine or the type holes it makes but I can make it work. By far my old sprocket fed Gerber 4B was a champ at making patterns. But it died.